White-On Infomercial

Visual Communications of Los Angeles offered several scholarships for young Asian-American filmmakers to produce a short video that was featured at the Asian American Film Festival in April 2010. My good friend James Yamanoha, founder of Habunami Bros, directed this video touching on the sensitive issues of whitening-cream. Without taking himself so seriously.

I was featured as the “dark skin” girl who uses the wrong product. Although there has been much criticism on the topic, those who understand how alive and well white privilege is have appreciated how it was brought to life to a Western audience. Why do I say Western?

Let’s see the videos that those in the ‘East’ are being bombarded with, even today:

Daddy will love you more if only you weren’t so dark.
Fairness Cream – a product of GARNIER!!!

Get through customs easier looking like this!


Olay (and why I would never get a career in Thailand)

Nivea (Vietnamese)

Short documentary about this bleaching craze in Jamaica:

And let’s go home to see the impact Eurocentric beauty like this have made down the block…

I’ll never get an acting career until I audition to be a peasant, farm girl, servant, or villain. TEARS!

Avatar: The Last Airbender

A movie about Asians… Made in America.


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  1. I LOVE YOU JUMAKAE!!! SO DOPE!!! ( all in caps, cause i’m THAT proud)

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